Best Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Best Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Top organic coconut thickening function hair growth shampoo for thinning hair in 473ml plastic bottle

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Product Details

Best shampoo for thinning hair

Top organic coconut thickening function hair growth shampoo for thinning hair in 473ml plastic bottle. As a professional hairdressing products supplier with 20 years of experience, we have help lots of client from all over the world to achieve their market and make their own brand. Hair styling products are my professional area.

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Top shampoo for thinning hair

1. Daily intensive care. Provide energy for hair root and maintain hair follicle vitality

2.Lengthening the hair growth cycle

3. Caffeine prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth

4. Non silicone oil formula

It contains biological protein to make the fragile hair stronger and reduce the hair loss caused by damage and breakage.

Caffeine can quickly reach the root of hair in 120 seconds, promote blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles quickly. Caffeine active ingredients penetrate hair follicles to make hair follicles return to their original state.

Vitamin E can moisturize scalp to provide energy for hair and help increase hair density.

No silicone oil and natural ingredients. It has no side effects on the human body. 

With the best quality, we already have lots of clients from many countries who own a hair salon, wholesale or retail business or a barber.

After 20 years of hard work, our products have been exported to the world. With quality product quality, we serve more than 52 countries and regions and create customized products for customers, barber and salon in need.

Product Parameter

Substance Color



Hair growth and hair Nourish


Ultra purified water, cocamidopropyl hydrosultaine, Coconut Oil, Argan oil, Tea Tree oil, PEG-150 Distearate, aloe vera extract, MSM, biotinyl, tripeptide-1, apigenin, oleanic acid, saw plametto extract, glycol momostearate, sodium chloride, citric acid, biotin, EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, hydrolyzed collagen, seaweed extract, hydroxyethyl cellulose, enriched vitamin B5, fragrance, hydrolyzed silk protein





Material of the container




QYN size

48 pieces each carton

Carton size


Outer packing

Paper box

Product Feature and Application

1. Do not use conditioner after shampooing before hair dyeing. It is better to wash hair with alkaline shampoo. Hair conditioner will close the scales and affect the coloring of hair dye. Only the scales can open the pigment to enter the hair. Always wash your hair thoroughly before you wash your hair to dye your hair, otherwise it will affect the color saturation.

2. find a few clips to clip the hair, start dyeing the hair in the sub-area, first apply the hair dye to the hair tip from the distance of 3 cm from the hair root, and evenly spread it, and finally apply the hair root after all the application. 3 cm. This has the advantage of keeping the hair color consistent and coloring much faster due to the high temperature near the scalp.

3. after the application, the hair is put up, put on the shower cap is ok, if you want to make the color more vivid, you can use a hot towel to wrap the outside.

4. after dyeing hair, if you want to make the color last longer, it is best not to use too much alkaline shampoo, after shampoo to use conditioner, otherwise the pigment is easy to lose, the color is easy to fade.

Production details

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Q: Sologn products use alcohol?

A: Yes, in terms of get a high level of performance, a certain amount of alcohols are necessary in specific formulations. However, they are cosmetic-grade alcohols that do not dry or strip the hair. As a result, you can get the style you want without the negative effects that alcohols are sometimes associated with. 

Q:  How do I pay?

A: Yes you can pay it on our official website, or VISA or MASTER on, Paypal, or T/T, Western union, which are very satety and effective.

Q: What's the lead time?

A: Normally it will take about 25 days, in busy season, it will take 45 days. 

Why choose us:

1.We are China Leading non allergic hair products Manufacturer.

2.We have professional engineers to research and own factory to produce

3.100% QC inspection Before Shipment.

4.Good Quantity & Service with Competitive price.

5.OEM and ODM are welcomed.

Best Shampoo for Thinning Hair

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