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Shampoo Composition
- Sep 29, 2018 -

The shampoo is generally prepared by using a mixed salt of triethanolamine and ammonium hydroxide of fatty acid fatty acid, isopropanol amide, formaldehyde, polyoxyethylene, lanolin, perfume, coloring matter and water.

The surfactants used in shampoo are: fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate AES (ammonium), coconut oil diethanolamide (6501), betaine (CAB-35), quaternary ammonium salt softener, amino acid surface Active agent, SLS and some functional additives: silicone slip brightener, Ganbaosu anti-dandruff anti-caries agent, pearlizing agent, preservative, flavor, pigment and so on.

1, the main surfactant, which is mainly a salt with a fatty chain, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, there are some things like amino acid surfactants and soap base. Their role is to cleanse the function and wash your hair. It is the determinant of the shampoo foam.

2, co-surfactant, composed of some amphoteric or non-ionic surfactants, their role is to assist the main surfactant, clean the hair, while reducing irritation and improving the appearance of shampoo.

3. Conditioning agent, this component is mainly composed of some cations mixed with large molecular weight and small molecular weight. The hair is essentially negatively charged, and these positively charged cations are therefore easily adsorbed, giving the hair a soft and easy combing effect.

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