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Permanent Hair Dye
- Sep 29, 2018 -

There are three types of permanent hair dyes: permanent plants, permanent metals, and permanent oxidation.

1. Plant permanent:

It is expensive to use for the material extracted from the flower stems and leaves of plants, and is rarely used in China.

2, metal permanent:

Dyeing with metal raw materials, the dyeing is mainly deposited on the surface of the hair shaft, the color has a dull metal appearance, the hair becomes brittle, and the efficiency of perm is low.

3. Oxidation permanent:

The mainstream product on the market, which does not contain the so-called dyes, but contains dye intermediates and coupling agents. These dye intermediates and coupling agents penetrate into the cortex of the hair, and oxidation, coupling and condensation reactions form larger. The dye molecules are enclosed within the hair fibers. Due to the difference in the type of the dye intermediate and the coupling agent and the difference in the content ratio, reaction products having different color tones are produced, and the various color tone products are combined into different color tones, and the hair is dyed with different colors. Since the dye macromolecule is formed by reacting a small molecule of a dye intermediate and a coupling agent in the hair fiber. Therefore, at the time of washing, the formed dye macromolecule is not easily washed through the pore diameter of the hair fiber.

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