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Head Oil History
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Ancient women brushed their hair on their hair. They used hair oil to fix the hair, which is equivalent to today's stereotypes. The head oil is also a conditioner that gives the hair nutrients. As early as in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Xi's "Release the Name. Jewelry" is the cloud: "The fragrant scent, the human hair is always dry, and the singer is also used." In addition, some of the remedies are made of hair, hair, black hair. As well as the role of health care, "Compendium of Materia Medica" emphasizes that jasmine has the effect of stimulating hair, and the head oil made of jasmine is suitable for people who lose hair, and the scent of daffodil can "go to the atmosphere." Wang Shixiong, the author of "The Food and Drink Spectrum", is a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty. In his view, the advantages of "tea oil" are many, "sweet, moisturizing, clearing the wind, detoxifying and killing insects, and getting on the head", and From other types of vegetable oils, tea oil is "the lightest".

White and white, fresh, will be called a spring shirt called a teenager. The length of the tailor can not be determined, and the knife is held to the aunt. The complex terrorism plaster is used to refer to the filth. When the clothes were cold, the jade whip whip white horses.

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