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Excessive Oil Control
- Sep 29, 2018 -


The root of the greasy hair is the destruction of the ecological balance of the scalp. When the scalp oil is unbalanced, the scalp becomes greasy. If it is not controlled, it will cause imbalance of flora and metabolism, causing disorder of the entire scalp and severely damaging the scalp. The health status of the scalp, and the scalp as the most important command and control center of the human body, its vulnerability and sensitivity are second only to the eyelids. The scalp problem can not be underestimated. It is also necessary to carry out health management. Only by comprehensive, systematic and scientific conditioning of the scalp can we eliminate the scalp problem such as head oil from the root cause and maintain the normal state of the scalp.

Specifically, scalp health management mainly includes three parts: one is to improve the awareness of scalp care, the second is to develop good habits, and the third is to do daily scalp care; in this way, the prevention and symptomatic treatment of scalp health problems can be achieved.

Prevention method

Hair starts from the scalp. Correct shampooing, daily attention to nursed scalp can restore the balance of scalp ecology and keep the scalp healthy.

In terms of scalp health management, Chinese medicine has its inherent advantages. From Sun Sizhen’s “Qian Jin Fang” to Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica”, many Chinese herbal ingredients have been recorded that have excellent effects on scalp nursed back to health, such as leather whistle and antibacterial itching: for Yunnan independence Some rare plateau plants grow in extremely humid environment, naturally strong antibacterial and antipruritic effect; arborvitae leaves, Danshen Liangxue anti-inflammatory: its cooling blood anti-inflammatory effect, has excellent effect on oil control

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