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Wax use method
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Put a little bit on the palm of your hand, then grab the roots with your hands, grab the shape you want, then use your fingers to shape the shape, and then spray the molding glue.

Wipe it on the palm of your hand, put the wax on your finger and then gently grab the roll with your hand. While grasping, gently push the curl up.

With less hair, thin hair, and want to make a fluffy feeling, it is not enough to rely on hair wax. To start with shampoo, choose shampoo and conditioner for soft hair, then use shaped water. Or use the hair to make the hair style you want, and finally use hair wax to strengthen the hair or localize.

In addition, if you have less hair, you can blow it upside down when you blow. After drying this way, the hair will look very fluffy.

The foamy waxy formula and special moisturizing and brightening factor make the hair moist and non-sticky, unique in shaping function, long-lasting effect, textured, and have the dual effects of wax and mousse. Straight hair, natural curls and hot hair can have an unexpectedly light and radiant effect.

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