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Main function of shampoo
- Sep 29, 2018 -

The basic function of shampoo is to clean, and there is nothing to do with pathological dandruff, hair loss and other issues. Many "functions" are just the gimmicks of business sales. The shampoo currently bought, if the pursuit of hair is supple, it is easy to make the hair greasy, dirty and collapsed. If you want to purify your hair, it is easy to make your hair rough, dry, scattered, and poorly repaired. The two themselves are contradictory and difficult to do at the same time.

When consumers choose shampoo, they must first understand their hair quality characteristics, whether it is oily, neutral or dry hair, and then choose the appropriate shampoo; secondly, choose the brand that suits you, different brands of shampoo formula will There are differences. At present, many shampoos do not indicate specific ingredients, and individual labeled ingredients may not exist.

Some shampoos claim to contain Chinese medicinal ingredients such as saponins, Shouwu, Chinese angelica, and ginseng. Experts say that medicine proves that they have nourishment on the scalp and hair. It can nourish the scalp and hair by external washing. It has been confirmed that many businesses exaggerate the efficacy of such shampoos.

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