Best Wax for Hair Styling

Best Wax for Hair Styling

China shiny and strongest best wax for men's hair styling wax top quality for your own brand

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Product Details

China shiny and strongest best wax for men's hair styling wax top quality for your own brand. We are happy to provide you with product customization services. Our industry experience and resources are prepared for you. We believe that we will be able to create the hair products that best match your market.

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1. Product introduction of best wax for hair styling

HOLD:Provides a super strong hold

SHINE: Long lasting shine

Scent: Hot selling fruit scent

Weight: 4oz is greatness, How great is 4oz compared to 2oz if you are buying more capacity

No stickiness and Flake free 

TEXTURE, LIFT and SHINE: Use our hair wax to add texture and lift to your hair style. It helps increase the hair's height and shine while looking very natural.

Avant-garde hairstyle: No matter what your hair style is, no matter what your style, our hair wax can help you to achieve the hairstyle fashion. Whether it is messy, surfers or smooth hair style, hair wax can help you control the hairstyle.

Add texture and sheen to your hair, enhance and texture hair wax, help give you styling controls and hold for the entire day without your hair looking heavy. Our soft hair wax applies to any hair such as thick hair, thin hair and so on.

Our Hair wax helps keep your hair in place and is easy to manage. It looks smooth and shiny so you can be confident in your style whether you are in town or in the office.

As the market develops, creating a product of its own brand is the ultimate goal of every salon, barber, or hairdressing industry wholesaler. We are able to get more value from the brand.

Therefore, we are very willing to create hair styling products for your own brand. We not only have a wealth of industry experience and resources, but also provide you with the most and best advice according to the needs of different markets.

2. Product Parameter of the  best wax for hair styling

Color of the wax

Light brown


Medium hold



Net weight



Natural material


Water based



Material of the container


Texture of the wax 



Fruit scent

QTN size

96 pieces each carton

Carton size



High shine

3. Product Feature and Application of the  best wax for hair styling

There are too much wax  or matte on the shop, we spent lots of time to find out which one is suitable for you or your business. So we have to know more about the hair styling product.

There are 3 features that we should consider: hold, shine and texture.

Hold: strong hold, medium strong hold, medium hold.

Shine: matte, natural shine, high shine.

Texture: soft, medium hard, hard, and special texture like uppercut.

So we have to find what features that you really need, then choose some samples for testing. And we offer free samples.

Hope that we can make your choice easier.

The difference between hair wax  and matte wax

1. Differentiated. The state of the matte wax is very similar to the general soil. It can make the hair stronger and does not change the texture of the hair. The transaction is very natural, and it is most suitable for finishing the details after finishing the hairstyle. Hair wax  is a kind of cream hair styling product, which can prevent the hair from being broken due to insufficient secretion of fat, making the hair soft, bright, tidy and beautiful.

2. Applicable objects are different. The matte is especially suitable for ultra short hair and multi-layer hair. wax  is suitable for short hair or curly hair that does not twist, making the hair look natural.

3. Different methods of use. The hair wax  has a strong shaping effect, and it can be used to create a variety of fashionable and exaggerated shapes. The hair styling effect is weaker than that of the matte, but the wax  can make the hair set while increasing the moisturizing effect.

4. Production details of the Firm hold water based wax

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Color:  Customization your own color

5. Product Qualification of the Firm hold water based wax .

Excellent quality makes us stand out among many hairdressing suppliers. The comprehensive supplier evaluation process, product control process, ERP order tracking system and professional appraisers and R&D team are my advantages. In additional, we also gradually apply for different certificates in different countries, such as ISO, GMP, MSDS, COA and other certificates.

Becoming your most stable and valuable long-term supplier is our goal.

More importantly, we will document each order so that we can ensure that the quality of the order is stable in the future.

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6. FAQ

Should I apply it to dry hair, wet hair or damp hair?

Dry hair for sure.

Q:If we want to make our own brand, what services you can provide?

A: We can provide: Packaging select and design, research and development new formula, Shipping arrangement and preparing related documents for importing.

Q6: Is there cheap shipping cost to import to our country?

A6: For small order or samples order, express will be best; Such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT etc.

Best Wax for Hair Styling

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