Strongest Hair Pomade

Strongest Hair Pomade

Top 10 sales strongest hold and medium shine mens hair pomade for wholesale in portable packaging for OEM

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Product Details

Top 10 sales strongest hold and medium shine mens hair pomade for wholesale in portable packaging for OEM. More than 20 years of experience has made us more and more professional in the hairdressing and hair care industry. Up to now, we have maintained good relations with most quality suppliers. We will be happy to serve you and help you get more business opportunities with the products that are right for you.

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Product introduction of strongest hair pomade

HOLD:Perfect firm hold for all day long

SHINE: Medium shine, look more natural

Scent: With charming and unique cologne fragrance

Weight: 4oz is greatness, How great is 4oz compared to 2oz if you are buying more capacity

Strong holding all day - you no longer have to trim your hair many times throughout the day. We hope that people no longer have to worry about the need to add multiple layers of products but let hair dry and clumps. Just use our pomade once is enough.

Water-soluble and easy to clean / No white residue - For a clear pomade, rinse your hair with warm water and add shampoo if needed. Our pomade is super easy to clean while strongest hold.

Perfect for all hairstyles - Whether you have long, short, curly, wavy, thick, slender or straight hair, our pomade fits perfectly to any hair.

4OZ is great - we're tired of the tiny 2-oz canisters that were used up after a few days. Ours is the best quality, natural formula that allows you to reduce your usage while maintaining the ideal hair style throughout the day. Save money and stay fresh.

Quickly grasping market dynamics and market opportunities is our core competitiveness for many years of operation. 30% of my orders are private label or customized orders.

OEM are welcomed. We are able to provide each customer with the most accurate market information based on the current market conditions, helping customers to complete the products in the most local market.

Product Parameter

Color of the pomade

Light brown


Firm hold



Net weight



Natural material


Water based



Material of the container


Texture of the pomade




QTN size

96 pieces each carton

Carton size



Medium hold

Product Feature and Application

There are too much pomade or matte on the shop, we spent lots of time to find out which one is suitable for you or your business. So we have to know more about the hair styling product.

There are 3 features that we should consider: hold, shine and texture.

Hold: strong hold, medium strong hold, medium hold.

Shine: matte, natural shine, high shine.

Texture: soft, medium hard, hard, and special texture like uppercut.

So we have to find what features that you really need, then choose some samples for testing.

1. It is recommended to cut out the thin haircut first.

2. Use a forefinger to remove a small amount of wax. (from the fingertip to the first joint)

3. Touch the wax on the palm of your hand and touch your fingers so that it is easy to apply.

4. It must be applied evenly over the entire hair, then pinch the hair at the top of the head, feeling a little thickness.

5. Use your fingers to pick the tips and make a fluid feeling. Don't squash your shape and try to make it feel fluffy.

Production details

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Color: Light brown

Deliver,Shipping And Serving

In most countries, imports of hair care, hair treatment and hair styling products are strictly regulated. However, you can give me the logistics and transportation. Since 2009, we have started to operate foreign trade. Up to now, we have cooperated with many professional shipping, air, express, railway and other transportation agents. In addition, we also offer "Door to Door" transportation service.

At the same time, we will try our best to reduce logistics costs and avoid taxation according to your needs.

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Q: Does it hold thick short hair

A: Yes, it is the strongest Gatsby hold and it hold most ANY kind of short hair. It is a strong wax! 

Q: What’s the Sologn brand Ambition?

A: Our company is full of vitality and creativity. Our team will provide better products in the hairdressing industry and create higher value for customers. 

Q: I am interested in carrying Sologn Hair beauty brand at my business, how do I get information about wholesale prices?

A: Please visit our wholesale section to learn more about our wholesale program by clicking here.

Strongest Hair Pomade

Certified product

Excellent quality makes us stand out among many hairdressing suppliers. In addition to what we have already said, the comprehensive supplier evaluation process, product control process, ERP order tracking system and professional appraisers and R&D team. We also gradually apply for different certificates in different countries, such as ISO, GMP, MSDS, COA and other certificates.

Becoming your most stable and valuable long-term supplier is our goal.

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