Pomade Hair Gel

Pomade Hair Gel

men's natural and medium hold hair styling products pomade for barber with own brands

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Product Details

men's natural and medium hold hair styling products pomade for barber with own brands. We are happy to provide you with product customization services. Our industry experience and resources are prepared for you. We believe that we will be able to create the hair products that best match your market.

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1. Product introduction of best pomade for natural hair

HOLD:Medium hold

SHINE: Natural shine

Scent: Refreshing citrus scent

Weight: 2.5 oz, portable for anytime and anywhere

Provides a medium hold and natural luster, giving clean citrus scent

This is a popular Pomade for all hair types and styles due to its unquestionable ability

We use an all natural formula, high quality raw material, this pomade is very healthy for your hair. After use, after cleaning, you find that the hair is supple and nutritious

Natural formula, this product contains, BEESWAX, JOJOBA OIL, CASTOR OIL and Shea Butter

All in all, with the medium hold, natural shine and natural ingredients, That pomade is fit for all hair and the healthy. Natural, confident men are the most attractive. If you are still struggling what pomade to use or sell, this is the most competitive pomade for you.

Quickly grasping market dynamics and market opportunities is our core competitiveness for many years of operation. 30% of my orders are private label or customized orders.

OEM are welcomed. We are able to provide each customer with the most accurate market information based on the current market conditions, helping customers to complete the products in the most local market.

2. Product Parameter of the best pomade for natural hair

Color of the pomade

Light brown


Medium hold



Net weight



Natural material


Water soluble



Material of the container


Texture of the pomade



Natural citrus scent

QTN size

96 pieces each carton

Carton size



Medium shine

3. Product Feature and Application of the water soluble best pomade

Use fingertip to take the pearl-sized particles of wax When the hair is 80% dry. It is recommended to use the outside of the nail (nail cover) to pick it up;

1. Place the wax on the palm and let it clear. (The wax is applied to the fingertips or between the fingers, and the application is more convenient and uniform);

2. According to the requirements of short hair or curly hair, apply the wax evenly to the place where it is needed, lift, pull, roll, grab and twist the bundle. Finally, use the comb to finish the hair style.

4. Production details of the Firm hold water based pomade

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Color: Light brown

5. Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Firm hold water based pomade

The safe arrival of goods on the customer's hands is a key part of service quality and product quality. In international transportation, there are often accidents when goods are transported over long distances.

Therefore, we have invested huge costs in the transportation of goods, combining the advantages of different freight forwarders in China. Now, we have mastered the resources of air, sea, express, land, and railway to customize the safest transportation methods for customers, and at the same time help customers avoid taxation reasonably and legally.

And for specific countries, we will help customers with customs clearance and “Door to Door” transportation.

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6. FAQ

Does the product contain any animal ingredients? Does the company test on animals?

Answer: It contains Beeswax. A list of ingredients can be found in the picture of the back of the container or stickers.

How do I pay?

Yes, you can pay it on our official website, or VISA or MASTER on Alibaba.com, Paypal, or T/T, Western union, which are very satety and effective.

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