Strong Hold Hair Paste

Strong Hold Hair Paste

Strong hold and matte finished best hair paste for men in 70g black plastic jar for long and thin hair

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Product Details

Strong hold and matte finished best hair paste for men in 70g black plastic jar for long and thin hair. More than 20 years of experience has made us more and more professional in the hairdressing and hair care industry. Up to now, we have maintained good relations with most quality suppliers. We will be happy to serve you and help you get more business opportunities with the products that are right for you.

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Product introduction

HOLD:Strong hold

SHINE: Matte finish

Scent: cool Mint

Weight: 2.5 oz, portable for anytime and anywhere 

Our paste is natural, with medium hold and natural finish. It is the perfect combination of flexibility and endurance.

Our paste is suitable for short to medium long hair

Reshape your hairstyle and enhance your hair texture

Men's paste can be used to create a messy, relaxed look

Easy to use. Use your fingertips to remove some of the paste. mixing. Then you can use it safely.

Quickly grasping market dynamics and market opportunities is our core competitiveness for many years of operation. 30% of my orders are private label or customized orders.

OEM are welcomed. We are able to provide each customer with the most accurate market information based on the current market conditions, helping customers to complete the products in the most local market.

Product Parameter

Color of the paste



Strong hold



Net weight



Natural material


Water based



Material of the container


Texture of the paste 



Cool mint

QTN size

96 pieces each carton

Carton size



Matte finished

Product Feature and Application

There are lots hair styling products: hair clay, hair paste , hair gel, hair wax, matte paste  and cream. So we have to know more about the difference between them.

The hair wax is waxy and is a gelatinous or semi-solid fat that fixes the hair and brightens the hair. The moisture content is high and the hair is easily collapsed.

Hair paste  is a waxy, semi-solid cream containing a certain amount of natural oils, making hair more shiny, lower in moisture content than wax, and Hold can be chosen according to personal preference, suitable for some neat hairstyles.

The matte clay is an opaque solid with a hard touch and strong styling ability. Most of the mud is matte, suitable for soft hair or curly hair.

Hair gel is a transparent semi-solid styling product that is soft to the touch and is similar to the touch of jelly. The main ingredient is water and the setting effect is medium strength.


1. It is recommended to cut out the thin haircut first.

2. Use a forefinger to remove a small amount of wax. (from the fingertip to the first joint)

3. Touch the wax on the palm of your hand and touch your fingers so that it is easy to apply.

4. It must be applied evenly over the entire hair, then pinch the hair at the top of the head, feeling a little thickness.

5. Use your fingers to pick the tips and make a fluid feeling. Don't squash your shape and try to make it feel fluffy.

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Production details

Strong Hold Hair Paste.jpg

Color: gray brown


1. We have a professional R&D team to control the quality of our products and create suitable products for our customers.

2. we have FDA, MSDS, ISO, GMP, FREE SALE CERTIFICATE and so on.

3. professional ERP system, product quality control process and professional talents

4. Provide safe, fast and personalized logistics and transportation services

5. provide a variety of payment methods

Strong Hold Hair Paste


Q: What materials will be used for your Hair Wax?

A:Our Hair Wax is all natural(Vitamin C, Olive Oil).

Q: What’s the Sologn brand history?

A:Sologn, established in Guangzhou city in May 2016. Sologn hair beauty brand focus on improving men’s lifestyle and women’s shape. Sologn brand includes shampoo, hair care product, hair color product, hair dye, hair styling product & beard grooming (beard oil, beard balm and comb). 

Q: Can you help me to create my own brand product?

A:Of course you can get the most professional OEM/ODM service on here, as we got many excellent and long-term cooperating supply chain in China, based on different products, like hair styling product, hair color product, hair shampoo, hair conditioner etc.

Product Qualification

Product quality is our biggest concern. In our long-term operations, we have gradually established a professional R&D team, standardized service processes and product testing processes, and professional supplier resources.

At the same time, we also handled various quality certificates: GMP, FDA, MSDS, GMP, FREE SALE CERTIFICATE, etc.

Therefore, we now have enough products to meet your needs, welcome to customize your products.

It is our ultimate goal to get the big enough market with the best products.

Strong Hold Hair Paste.jpg

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