Best Hair Paste

Best Hair Paste

Best hair gel paste with medium hold for wholesale hair products for private label with varieties of formulations

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Product Details

Best hair gel paste with medium hold for wholesale hair products for private label with varieties of formulations. After 20 years of hard work, our products have been exported to the world. With quality product quality, we serve more than 52 countries and regions and create customized products for customers, barber and salon in need.

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1. Product introduction of Best hair paste

HOLD:Super strong hold

SHINE: Low shine 

Scent: Clean perfume

Weight: 2.5 oz, portable for anytime and anywhere

Tired of wasting a lot of time looking for a proper hair styling paste? We are here to help you find the right product. Our paste baber grade hair styling products add hair texture, volume and thickness for a whole day, natural, low gloss. Suitable for those who have short hair and fine hair and want to increase the size of their hair. Reduce confusion

Support private customization to help you make your own brand of paste.

Hairdresser-level hair styling paste increases texture volume and thickness

For a full day, it is best for short or fine hair.

Used in dry hair without white debris

Provides high retention and low shine.

It can be used by hand until the paste is almost clear, which is convenient and easy.

The product preferences of consumers of hair products are constantly changing, so we must clearly understand the products and markets. After many years of hard work, we have a unique understanding of hair styling product, and we will continue to improve the product according to the needs of consumers.

Therefore, we are confident and provide the most accurate solution in combination with the market in which our customers are located. 

2. Product Parameter of the Best hair paste

Color of the paste



Strong hold


2 oz

Net weight



Natural material


Water based



Material of the container


Texture of the paste 



Clean perfume

QTN size

96 pieces each carton

Carton size




3. Product Feature and Application of the Best hair paste


1. It is recommended to cut out the thin haircut first.

2. Use a forefinger to remove a small amount of wax. (from the fingertip to the first joint)

3. Touch the wax on the palm of your hand and touch your fingers so that it is easy to apply.

4. It must be applied evenly over the entire hair, then pinch the hair at the top of the head, feeling a little thickness.

5. Use your fingers to pick the tips and make a fluid feeling. Don't squash your shape and try to make it feel fluffy.

4. Production details of the water based hair paste

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Color: Light brown

5. Own brand making Serving of the Firm hold water based paste

30% of my orders are OEM or personal customized product orders, we hope to use our professional level to provide you with the most complete private label service.

In order to provide you with the most effective service we have the following advantages:

1. professional experimental team, tailor-made for you new products

2. a wide range of suppliers, according to your needs, looking for the best supplier to meet you

3. experienced quality control team and process to ensure product quality stability

4. professional marketing team, provide you with market advice

5. stable, safe and efficient logistics network.

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6. FAQ

Does it hold thick short hair

Yes, it is the strongest Gatsby hold and it hold most ANY kind of short hair. It is a strong wax!

Our Services

1. OEM/ODM Service

Our professional R&D dept. can develop different productsfor different target prices and different requirements

2. Custom packaging service

No matter the inner packing or the outer carton

we can design as your request.

Q: What about the PACKAGE?

A: PACKAGE is the most important part in international transportation, we will use the safest PACKAGE to ensure the products will be perfect when It arrive.

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