Water Based Hair Gel

Water Based Hair Gel

best high hold all natural ingredient for personalised design men’s wet hair gel in 6 oz tube

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We are aiming at servicing for all over the world with the suitable quality and product, So we have lots of formulas for you to choose. Searching end here, you will find your best choices.

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1. Product introduction of all natural men's hair gel

HOLD:extra hold

SHINE: High shine

Scent: Cool mint

Weight: 6 oz, Is a stylish, superb homemade hair gel

High-performance advanced styling hairspray provides good quality, shape and gloss for hairdressing

It contains Panthelol, a unique mixture of vegetable protein and extract plus flaxseed. It is unique in nature, and has the same shape in the hair and the perfect hairstyle. It also has good protection for the scalp and hair without sulfate, parabens.

This hair gel is high shine and let hair look shiny and charming. At the same time, it is suitable for dyeing or perming

The product preferences of consumers of hair products are constantly changing, so we must clearly understand the products and markets. After many years of hard work, we have a unique understanding of hair styling product, and we will continue to improve the product according to the needs of consumers.

Private label orders are welcomed, Therefore, we are confident and provide the most accurate solution in combination with the market in which our customers are located.

2. Product Parameter of the all natural men's hair gel

Color of the pomade

Transparent color


Strong hold


6 oz

Net weight

170 g


Natural material


Water based



Material of the container

Plastic tube

Texture of the pomade




QTN size

48 pieces each carton

Carton size



High shine

3. Product Application of the all natural men's hair gel

1. It is recommended to cut out the thin haircut first.

2. Use a forefinger to remove a small amount of wax. (from the fingertip to the first joint)

3. Touch the wax on the palm of your hand and touch your fingers so that it is easy to apply.

4. It must be applied evenly over the entire hair, then pinch the hair at the top of the head, feeling a little thickness.

5. Use your fingers to pick the tips and make a fluid feeling. Don't squash your shape and try to make it feel fluffy.

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4. Production details of the Firm hold water based pomade

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Color: Light brown

5. FAQ

Should I apply it to dry hair, wet hair or damp hair?

Dry hair for sure.

Q:Can you do the OEM?

A: Yes, of course. As a professional supplier, we can help you to create your own brand products with my experience and perfect products.

What is your delivery time?

A: Within 14 working days commonly, detail delivery date delivery date should be affirmed on the basis of production season and order quantity.

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