Hair Gel for Curly Hair

Hair Gel for Curly Hair

perfect organic hair styling and moisturizing water based hair gel creme for curly hair in 6 oz plastic tube.Best medium hold matte finish mens hair gel for private label thick hair and hair care in 6 oz.

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Product Details

Serving for hair salon suppliers, Product customization is one of our core services. We have a number of professional supplier resources that allow us to help you customize the perfect product. We have enough formulas for you to choose from, you can definitely find the products that belong to you.

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1. Product introduction of hair gel for curly hair

Creates an elastic curls with that hair styling cream gel

Hair Cream Gel Contains Shea Butter, Cured Shaped Polymer and Moisturizing Conditioner

The unique formula, which is as soft as cream, will also enhance the effect of curls

Provides no curling engraving curlsWeight: 6 oz, Is a stylish, superb homemade hair gel

Natural pleasant coconut scent

Our curly hair cream gel is a hair styling product specially designed for curly hair. For your bright, elegant curls, provide better curls. This natural formula contains avocado essence, olive oil essence, glycerin, and natural nut oil. It provides you with perfect hair styling while protecting your hair with nourishing and moisturizing effects. Coconut oil is the best moisturizing ingredient in naturals. Our hair curly creme gel contains coconut extract and a pleasant coconut aroma that makes you look more natural and confident.

Our curly hair creme gel is easy to use and is not as sticky as a regular gel. It can easily be applied to the hair to create the best looking curl for you.

We are happy to help you customize your own brand of products. We will have enough, mature formulas to choose from. 30% of my orders are private label orders. As a professional hair styling supplier, we are confident to create the perfect product for you.

2. Product Parameter of the hair gel for curly hair  

Color of the pomade



Medium hold


6 oz

Net weight

170 g


Natural material


Water based



Material of the container

Plastic tube

Texture of the pomade



Natural coconut

QTN size

48 pieces each carton

Carton size



Medium shine

3. Product Feature and Application of the hair gel for curly hair

There are lots hair styling products: hair clay, hair pomade, hair gel, hair wax, matte pomade and cream. So we have to know more about the difference between them.

The hair wax is waxy and is a gelatinous or semi-solid fat that fixes the hair and brightens the hair. The moisture content is high and the hair is easily collapsed.

Hair pomade is a waxy, semi-solid cream containing a certain amount of natural oils, making hair more shiny, lower in moisture content than wax, and Hold can be chosen according to personal preference, suitable for some neat hairstyles.

The matte clay is an opaque solid with a hard touch and strong styling ability. Most of the mud is matte, suitable for soft hair or curly hair.

Hair gel is a transparent semi-solid styling product that is soft to the touch and is similar to the touch of jelly. The main ingredient is water and the setting effect is medium strength.

4. Production details of the Firm hold water based pomade

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Color: Light brown

5. Product Qualification of the Firm hold water based pomade.

Excellent quality makes us stand out among many hairdressing suppliers. The comprehensive supplier evaluation process, product control process, ERP order tracking system and professional appraisers and R&D team are my advantages. In additional, we also gradually apply for different certificates in different countries, such as ISO, GMP, MSDS, COA and other certificates.

Becoming your most stable and valuable long-term supplier is our goal.

More importantly, we will document each order so that we can ensure that the quality of the order is stable in the future.

6. FAQ

About Shipping & Freight:

For more options of our customers, we usually provide Exw price, which factory price without shipping. But if you need, we can provide door to door express, like DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT, etc with prepay freight cost or collective account. Customer also can let your shipping agent to contact us, and we will do our best to cooperate with them.

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Q: What is your MOQ?

A: Different order have different MOQ, but the MOQ will be lower when we place the order for the product in stock.

Does it hold thick short hair

Yes, it is the strongest Gatsby hold and it hold most ANY kind of short hair. It is a strong wax!

Hair Gel for Curly Hair

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