Water Based Hair Clay

Water Based Hair Clay

Easy wash and long lasting water based hair paste clay fiber for men and tin hair in 3.2oz black containers

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Product Details

Easy wash and long lasting water based hair paste clay for men and tin hair in 3.2oz black containers. We have been working in the hairdressing and hair care industry for more than 20 years. We understand the needs of the market and, with our professional formula and service team, we are sure to provide you with the most suitable and best quality products.

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Product introduction

HOLD:Super hold and all day hold

SHINE: Shine free

Scent: Clean subtle scent

Weight: 3.2 is greatness, Simple and take where you want.

Amazing matte - natural/matte effect, very popular today. No need. It is suitable for short, medium and long hair styles and has a professional and high-quality matte appearance that allows you to see quality in every occasion.

All day hold - With its premium medium-firm, it retains its shape. Suitable for wet or towel-dry hair. There is no flakes like pomade nor cakes like clay.

SMELLS FANTASTIC - The Challenger Scrub has a refreshing, subtle scent and doesn't have the lingering scent that stays around you for a day. This is the function of this product.

Easy to clean - Easy to wash because it is water soluble. Sometimes you don't even need shampoo, it's easy to use, it's strong all day long, and it's easy to rinse.

TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Our clay can accompany you anywhere, so even when traveling, you can look great. The high-quality clay is suitable for carrying luggage, backpacks and other pouches in order to provide quality matte products on the go!

Quickly grasping market dynamics and market opportunities is our core competitiveness for many years of operation. 30% of my orders are private label or customized orders.

OEM are welcomed. We are able to provide each customer with the most accurate market information based on the current market conditions, helping customers to complete the products in the most local market.

Product Parameter

Color of the pomade



Firm hold



Net weight



Natural material


Water based



Material of the container


Texture of the pomade



Vanilla(Or customized fragrance)

QTN size

96 pieces each carton

Carton size



Medium-firm hold

Product Feature and Application

There are lots hair styling products: hair clay, hair pomade, hair gel, hair wax, matte pomade and cream. So we have to know more about the difference between them.

The hair wax is waxy and is a gelatinous or semi-solid fat that fixes the hair and brightens the hair. The moisture content is high and the hair is easily collapsed.

Hair pomade is a waxy, semi-solid cream containing a certain amount of natural oils, making hair more shiny, lower in moisture content than wax, and Hold can be chosen according to personal preference, suitable for some neat hairstyles.

The matte clay is an opaque solid with a hard touch and strong styling ability. Most of the mud is matte, suitable for soft hair or curly hair.

Hair gel is a transparent semi-solid styling product that is soft to the touch and is similar to the touch of jelly. The main ingredient is water and the setting effect is medium strength.

And here is how to wash the hair wax:

Hair wax is a gelatinous or semi-solid oil that fixes hair and brightens and brightens hair. It is an improved hair gel. Hair wax is divided into high light and matte. If you need to wash it, it is divided into three steps:

1. hot water all wet hair,

2. squeeze out the appropriate amount of shampoo, apply evenly to the hair,

3. Wash the hot water again and wash it all 2 times.

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Production details

Water Based Hair Clay.jpg

Water Based Hair Clay.jpg

Water Based Hair Clay.jpg

Color: white (or Customization your own color )

The difference between hair wax and hair pomade

Lots of Chinese supplier can not distinguish hair wax and hair pomade. We are professional in hair styling products, so here is the difference between them:

1. Differentiated. The state of the mud is very similar to the general soil. It can make the hair stronger and does not change the texture of the hair. The transaction is very natural, and it is most suitable for finishing the details after finishing the hairstyle. Hair wax is a kind of cream hair styling product, which can prevent the hair from being broken due to insufficient secretion of fat, making the hair soft, bright, tidy and beautiful.

2. Applicable objects are different. The mud is especially suitable for ultra short hair and multi-layer hair. Wax is suitable for short hair or curly hair that does not twist, making the hair look natural.

3. Different methods of use. The hair has a strong shaping effect, and it can be used to create a variety of fashionable and exaggerated shapes. The hair styling effect is weaker than that of the mud, but the waxing can make the hair set while increasing the moisturizing effect.


Q: Can you help me to transport my products?

A: Yes, of course. We have a powerful logistic network for the vast majority countries. I would like to provide safe efficient and low cost logistic for you. Also I can do door to door service.

Q: What’s the SOLOGN service Core competitiveness?

A: Our serivce’s core competitiveness is powerful and cost-effective logistics system, for you can get the Sologn or OEM product with competitive price and stable quality.

Q: What does the hold and shine mean?

A: The hold and shine are the important tings when our choose the hair styling products. We have medium, medium strong and firm hold for the hair styling products.  Hair will be more difficult to be moved when the hold get stronger. As for the shine, we also have matte, natural and high shine. How to choose the shine is depended on your hair style.

Water Based Hair Clay

Trade Detail

We will provide a variety of trading methods and tools to provide you with the most trusted, safest and least transaction cost trading service. We can provide payment methods: PayPal, Western Union, Visa, alibaba.com trade assurance, T/T and L/C

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Why choose us

1. Low order quantity: It can well meet your promotional business.

2. OEM Acceptance: We can produce according to your formula or design.

3. Good service: We treat customers as friends.

4. Good quality: We have a strict quality control system. Has a good reputation in the market.

5. Free samples: We can provide free samples for testing, but you need to pay for sample shipping.

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