Strong Hold Hair Clay

Strong Hold Hair Clay

Strong hold and water based mens matte hair clay wax styling products for salon supplier

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Product Details

Strong hold and water based mens matte hair clay wax styling products for salon supplier. Product customization is one of our core services. We have a number of professional supplier resources that allow us to help you customize the perfect product. We have enough formulas for you to choose from, you can definitely find the products that belong to you.

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Product introduction

HOLD:Super hold and long lasting

SHINE: Matte finish

Scent: Charming cologne

Weight: 3.2 is greatness, Simple and take where you want.

Long Lasting - Our clay, provides excellent hold and stability, giving any hair style an unparalleled shape, sculpture, lubrication and shape.

Matte finishes - When it comes to certain hair styles, matte surfaces are essential, which means our clay will not leave any residue or gloss, giving you the desired matte appearance.

Super Hold - This modeling clay acts like a gel and a cream, but its fiber texture is more slender, making it easier to get the look you want without worrying about overuse

Multi-functional styling - Suitable for long hair, short hair, fine hair, rolled hair, moist hair and dry hair. Multifunctional formulas provide a way to lock in any style.

More powerful brands can be reached anytime, anywhere, so you can look great even when traveling on a scale. Our high-quality clay is suitable for carrying luggage, backpacks and other pouches to provide quality matte products on the go

Carefree hairstyle - If you are looking for extra help to help your hair from average to extraordinary, then choose us! In just a few minutes, you will have a delicate and flexible hairstyle that will not feel heavy or sticky. It's easy and it's great.

We are happy to help you customize your own brand of products. We will have enough, mature formulas to choose from. 30% of my orders are private label orders. As a professional hair styling supplier, we are confident to create the perfect product for you.

Product Parameter

Color of the clay



Firm hold



Net weight



Natural material


Water based



Material of the container


Texture of the pomade



Cologne(Or customized fragrance)

QTN size

96 pieces each carton

Carton size



Super hold

Product Feature and Application

There are lots hair styling products: hair clay, hair pomade, hair gel, hair wax, matte pomade and cream. So we have to know more about the difference between them.

The hair wax is waxy and is a gelatinous or semi-solid fat that fixes the hair and brightens the hair. The moisture content is high and the hair is easily collapsed.

Hair pomade is a waxy, semi-solid cream containing a certain amount of natural oils, making hair more shiny, lower in moisture content than wax, and Hold can be chosen according to personal preference, suitable for some neat hairstyles.

The matte clay is an opaque solid with a hard touch and strong styling ability. Most of the mud is matte, suitable for soft hair or curly hair.

Hair gel is a transparent semi-solid styling product that is soft to the touch and is similar to the touch of jelly. The main ingredient is water and the setting effect is medium strength.

Production details

Strong Hold Hair Clay.jpg

Color: white(or customized color )


1. We have a professional R&D team to control the quality of our products and create suitable products for our customers.

2. we have FDA, MSDS, ISO, GMP, FREE SALE CERTIFICATE and so on.

3. professional ERP system, product quality control process and professional talents

4. Provide safe, fast and personalized logistics and transportation services

5. provide a variety of payment methods.

6. 24-hour service.

Strong Hold Hair Clay


Q: What’s the creating my own hair beauty brand process?

A: There are a couple of steps you can follow its.

First: Confirm the Product type and the minimum quantity

Second: Confirm the substance of product and the packing of product

Third: Make sure the price and the production time 

Q: What materials will be used for your Hair Wax?

A:Our Hair Wax is all natural(Vitamin C, Olive Oil).

Q: Does your products fit with the EU requirements, Do you have any certificate for it?

A:Yes, we have GMPC documents which fit with EU requirements.

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