Best Hair Clay for Curly Hair

Best Hair Clay for Curly Hair

best white color and extra hold matte hair clay for curly hair hairdressing supplies.

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Product Details

best white color and extra hold matte hair clay for curly hair hairdressing supplies. After 20 years of hard work, our products have been exported to the world. With quality product quality, we serve more than 52 countries and regions and create customized products for customers, barber and salon in need.

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1. Product introduction of best mens hair clay for curly hair

HOLD:Super hold and all day hold

SHINE: Matte finished

Scent: Cool mint

Weight: 3.2 is greatness, Simple and take where you want.

Keep your hair all day - this styling clay contains a mix of ingredients that will give you a strong hold, keep your hairstyle all day long, clean and tidy. It is the perfect solution for different occasions and different hair, such as short hair, curly hair and tin hair. So if you play sports or sweat more, this is your product.

Matte matte finishes - matte finishes are essential for some hair styles, this styling clay does not leave any residue or gloss, giving you the desired matte appearance .

Increases thickness and texture - this clay provides a strong hold while not adding too much moisture to increase hair thickness and texture hair.

Work like a gel and a cream - This modeling clay works like a gel and a cream, but its texture is more slender, making it easier to get the look you want without worrying about overuse, or when you want It's just a subtle style to give yourself a cool hair. It can be used for dry or even slightly damp hair to achieve any style you want

Customizing is warmly welcomed.

The product preferences of consumers of hair products are constantly changing, so we must clearly understand the products and markets. After many years of hard work, we have a unique understanding of hair styling product, and we will continue to improve the product according to the needs of consumers.

Therefore, we are confident and provide the most accurate solution in combination with the market in which our customers are located.

2. Product Parameter of the best hair clay for curly hair

Color of the pomade



Firm hold



Net weight



Natural material


Water based



Material of the container


Texture of the pomade




QTN size

96 pieces each carton

Carton size



Matted finished

3. Product Feature and Application of the best hair clay for curly hair


1. It is recommended to cut out the thin haircut first.

2. Use a forefinger to remove a small amount of wax. (from the fingertip to the first joint)

3. Touch the wax on the palm of your hand and touch your fingers so that it is easy to apply.

4. It must be applied evenly over the entire hair, then pinch the hair at the top of the head, feeling a little thickness.

5. Use your fingers to pick the tips and make a fluid feeling. Don't squash your shape and try to make it feel fluffy.

4. Production details of the Firm hold water based pomade

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Color: white

5. Product Qualification of the Firm hold water based Clay.

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Payment tools  

We will provide a variety of trading methods and tools to provide you with the most trusted, safest and least transaction cost trading service. We can provide payment methods: PayPal, Western Union, Visa, trade assurance, T/T and L/C


Best Hair Clay for Curly Hair.jpg

6. FAQ

How can I contact you with questions about my order? 

Please contact us via email at We respond to questions between the hours of 9am and 5pm PST Mon - Fri.

Should I apply it to dry hair, wet hair or damp hair?

Dry hair for sure.

Q: Does your products fit with the EU requirements, Do you have any certificate for it?

A:Yes, we have GMPC documents which fit with EU requirements.

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